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tv   Action News  ABC  September 29, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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is. >> good morning, 530, # 27:00. we have a series of crashes on a philadelphia street. >> we have the death of a local ceo and his wife, we have reaction from chris christie. >> the eagles suffer their first loss, good morning, tam is off, erin o'hern is in. we have david murphy and matt pellman. >> reporter: good morning, everyone, we're off to a mild start across the region. we have a fair amount of cloud cover, but it will be a fairly bright day. the showers to the west, we don't have to worry about those until tomorrow afternoon. we have decent numbers, 65 in philadelphia. upper 50s in allentown. as you look at the numbers, these are a lot of milder than many of our recent mornings. as we head into the afternoon
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we're continuing the weekend weather we just experienced. heading to the bus stop, low 60s, high clouds, and patchy fog in some neighborhoods, it's not a widespread problem, just react to it as you see it. 80 degrees is the high today at 3:00. we'll be in the mid 70s by 6:00. it looks mild tomorrow after a couple of showers around, after that we get back to more autumnal weather. i'll have that in the seven day. >> reporter: at this point everybody should be happy with you, wow, what a weekend it was. it was perfect out there. good morning, everybody. everybody should be happy with me, too as you ride into work even on the schuylkill expressway by 30th street station, vine street expressway, that's the westbound car traveling toward girard avenue. vine street expressway is in the clear as is i-95.
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we had the tacony-palmyra bridge opening, but the ship is moving toward the burlington brings tall, triple b, expect an opening there after 6:00. we had a problem route 1 at broad street. everything is reopened there. there was a house fire in dresher, montgomery county. crews on the scene at east wind circle and nicole drive. no problems on welsh road or 611. no problems on the pennsylvania turnpike, speeds are in the mid 60s. there was an unlawful overnight crash in williams town near nelson drive. use tuckahoe road or bluebell road. stanton, delaware a pole came down at delaware park boulevard by delaware park, so the right lane is still blocked because of that downed pole. matt. >> thank you, matt.
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developing right now a chain-reaction crash injured two people in the juniata park neighborhood. a car plowed into an suv on east erie avenue at m street. it continued down the street and plowed into another car. a 19-year-old man an 22-year-old man were taken to the hospital. one of the drivers involved is being tested for dui. this is developing an armed robber held up the holiday inn near citizens bank park. this happened on packer avenue in south philadelphia. the robber who burst in at 3:30 a.m. covered his face and stole the cash register. no injuries were reported. new from the overnight three robbers one armed with an ak-47 are on the run after hitting up a 7-eleven. it happened along lebanon avenue in the overbrook section before
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1:00 a.m. police are working on a description of the robber's getaway car. now to a developing story from the mantua section of philadelphia. police say they have a picture of a vehicle that hit a 7-year-old girl and sped off. the snapshot captured the suspect's license plate as the vehicle fled the scene at 42nd and pens grove. the number is jky7458. with ans say the suv hit the girl and dragged her for several feet. that young girl is in guarded condition. we'll hear from her family in the next half-hour. new from the overnight philadelphia police chased down a man suspected of a deadly shooting in the city's germantown section the victim was shot and killed inside his home on the 100 block of manheim street. the shooting suspect had two weapons on him at the time of his arrest. police believe one was the murder weapon and the other belonged to the victim. based on evidence at the scene
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investigators leave believe the shooting could be drug related. with the u.s. military now fully involved in the air over iraq and syria, we are learning new revelations from president obama about what he did not know about isis. isis prompted this question to president obama on the cbs news program 60 minutes. >> how did they end up where they are in control of so much territory was that a complete surprise to you? >> well, i think our head of the intelligence community jim clapper has acknowledged they underestimated what had taken place in syria. >> he didn't just say we underestimated isil. he said we overestimated the ability of our allies the iraqi army to fight. >> that's true, that's absolutely true. >> well, the president
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described isis as a cancer. house speaker john boehner agreed and added the u.s. might have to send troops on on the ground to get rid of that cancer. the "good morning america" will have more on isis after "action news." >> the eagles high-powered offense got shut down by the 49ers. the eagles had a chance to win it. deep in 9ers territory in the closing minutes they failed to punch in the go ahead touchdown. the eagles defense and special teams kept them in the game, but from an held on 26-21. there are so many plays we could have made and we didn't. >> we got who happened up -- whopped up front. we have a lot guys that are banged up, that's not an excuse
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it's the reality of it. >> the birds play the rams at the linc. the birds are tied with dallas atop the nfc east. >> it does not feel like football weather out there. >> reporter: it will the next time the eagles play on sunday, but not today. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing we're dry across the region, a little bit of green showing up on radar near harrisburg and new york state, that's scooting away from us. we have high clouds over stld, they are high -- philadelphia, they are high enough to give us a look at the center city skyscrapers. 65 degrees, very mild, some suburbs in the 50s. i'm bringing in the always on seven day for those of you watching in hd. the clouds are high and thin enough where it will be a fairly bright looking day, but at times the sun will be obscured behind
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the clouds. we have showers to the west, we could see showers in the northern and western suburbs, more on that in a second. high clouds, and light winds, that will be cool, but not too bad to take a walk and do whatever you have to do early. 2:00 p.m., 78 we'll get up to 80 this afternoon around 3:00 p.m. and 77 degrees by 5:00 p.m. so very warm throughout the afternoon. the high temperatures are looking good from north to south, allentown, 80. 80 in trenton, programs 81 in reading, mid to upper 70 down the shore, a nice day everywhere you are across the region. tomorrow it will be warm because we have a cold front coming in from the west, ahead of it we have a surge of air out of the southwest. the clouds increase, during the afternoon in a couple of spots there could showers popping up. by tomorrow afternoon future tracker has a couple of showers around allentown and the
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poconos. the best chance of seeing this is probably in the northern and western suburbs, tomorrow not a washout but getting unstable as the front comes through. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today's high, 80. we have sun and high clouds. tomorrow, warm, 79 degrees is the high sun and clouds, and a couple of sprinkles and showers around north and west, tomorrow afternoon and evening. cloudy and at times damp on wednesday, 73 is the high. thursday, 74. partly sunny skies, nice day, night -- nice night for union soccer at ppl park. friday, 75 and chance of rain and i could see it spilling into saturday, saturday is -- sunday is cool and dry. >> a monster truck crashes into
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a crowd in europe and in the end two people are dead. >> reporter: we're in bensalem route 1 the super highway by the pennsylvania turnpike. no problems on either road. on street road a big new paving project begins today. >> tooth paste is important for keeping your teeth clean, but it has many interesting uses around the house, we'll explain when
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>> welcome back it is 5:42, monday morning, national coffee day, looking live sky6 hd philadelphia international airport. another summer-like day with temperatures in the 80s today. if you're heading to chicago you might want to check because there are delays. >> saturday of what happened on friday. >> matt pellman what's going on this morning? >> reporter: this weekend is full of presents. we have a third lane on 202 it's great news and it should alleviate some of our normal rush hour delays for the most partly. this is close to 29 come the headlights toward king of prussia. one, two, count 'em, 3 lanes for the morning commute. southbound the same. 3 lanes toward 29. they are working on the chunk of
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roadway along 202, 401 and the 30 bypass. eventually there will be three lanes there, as well. that part is not done yet. it's just a chunk between 401 and 252. you have a third lane enjoy it. a house fire in dresher along east wind circle and nicole drive. a paving project begins today and lasting through next july. a 6-mile stretch of street road between bustle pike and i-95. they will start working from 9:00 to 3:00. you want to avoid that chunk during the middays. but better news in lindenwald middle of last week they reopened the white horse road bridge by the patco station, that's back in business use that to get to the patco station if you're heading there this morning. in williams town gloucester county we have police activity resulting from the awful overnight night crash near
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nelson drive, tuckahoe road or bluebell road would be better bets for you. we're at the bigger for the on going investigation into the death of a prominent ceo and his wife. crews found the bodies of john sheridan and his 69-year-old wife joyce in their north jersey home yesterday. sheridan led the cooper university health system since 2008. officials made the deadly discovery while responsing to a fire at the home in somerset county. authorities are waiting autopsy results before determining the couple's exact cause of death. sheridan worked on governor chris christie's transition team. christy issued a statement saying. now, the chairman of cooper's board of trustees, george e.
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norcroft iii said -- the investigation into the sheridan deaths is in its early stages we hope to learning more from the occupies -- autopsy later this week. >> a child was among the three killed when a monster truck crashed into a stand in the netherlands. it rolled over a group of cars and plowed into a group of onlookers. there are dozens injuries in addition to the three deaths. the show organizer think the gas pedal got struck or the brakes failed. the manhunt for eric frein entered its third week. police believe the survivalist
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might have booby trapped the dense woods. authorities shifted their search to the southeastern part of the poconos, but they are not saying why. they do think they have frein contained to a perimeter of five square miles around his parents home in monroe county. frein is wanted for killing a state trooper earlier this month. >> time to save with 6abc, amy buckman shows how tooth paste can be more than just a cleaning agent for your teeth. >> reporter: if you have messes from your head to your tows there's an inexpensive cleaning product you can take care of them all. >> it's a great cleaner and it saves you money, not only does it cost pennies it will save your items. dyi hip chicks shows how she used wet brush and tooth paste off the bottom of the iron.
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the same thing you do with your iron you can do it with your curling iron. take a toothbrush club it up. >> reporter: tooth paste is good for cleaning sneakers. >> i can't tell you will the collection of dirt buckman boy sneakers in my house. if you have a young child you'll love this for tooth paste. >> that said i'm going to write on the wall in crayon. it scrubs i want. >> i told you. isn't that beautiful. it will save many kids from being in that timeout corner. not to mention the time and effort and and he knows of repainting. -- suspense of repainting. >> if you have a piano you can use a dry brush with tooth paste
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the best or nothing. >> feels like a fresh start doesn't it? >> everyday is a fresh start. >> reporter: that's true, too. especially a monday, new workweek as we head out on this monday morning. looking good in exton, chester county, route 100 we're near the target at sunrise boulevard. in case you were wondering during the midday northbound
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ship road they will block a lane from 9 to 3:00. it's quiet at the moment. burlington bristol bridge scheduled to go up for the northbound ship. head to the connector bridge instead. i want through the jefferson station, i think people are getting used to calling market east jefferson. >> reporter: another 6 months it will be old hat. on the big board i hope you're enjoying this morning as you step outside, these temperatures are fairly mild for this time of year. upper 50s in pottstown, 62 in chester. 62 in center city. across the river this south jersey a lot of 60s from cinnamon on so woodbybine. if you're dressing the kids, a
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jacket. this afternoon it's t-shirt weather again. if you run errands do whatever you got to do today because it's getting warm. 80 is the high around 3:00 p.m., mid 70s around 6:00 p.m. there could be patchy fog around this morning but it won't last long. the recovery effort is on hold on mount ontake in japan. hundreds of people scrambled to find safer ground, dozens did not make it. 36 people were presumed dead. an increase in toxic gas and ash is what is holding up the recovery. overdraft draft fees are surging in philadelphia. that's according to a new survey released overnight. account holders in the city paid a nationwide high average of $35.80 for dipping below their balance. the survey claims these fees
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have surged since 2008 when a new law place limits on what banks could charge you with overdrafts. instead of frequent fees banks started slapping customers with fewer, but higher fines. >> hear what witnesses say they for you before a deadly wreck in south jersey. >> investigators are looking tyche
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>> the flight away website says there are 207 cancellations at chicago o'hare international airport this morning. the faa plans to replace the entire computer network at the control center where a fire took place friday. at one point 2,000 flights were cancelled at o'hare and midway combined. call ahead if you have a flight from philadelphia today. >> season seven of castle kicks so far tonight on 6abc. detective kate beckett has to mix business and pleasure in what could be the most emotional case she has to solve. find out what happened to castle during the season premier tonight at 10:00 p.m. on 6abc. >> 5:57 is the time, up next, a hitech technicality, drivers
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caught using a spy feature on the new sports car could be breaking the law. there's problems in afghanistan as the cou
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is it a >> good morning everyone, 6:00 a.m. monday, september 29. tam is off, erin o'hern joins us we're following several developing stories. >> one person is dead after a nasty crash in south jersey overnight. >> the search is on for a hit-and-run driver who struck a little girl and kept on going. we have the picture of what police say is the striking vehicle. >> poli